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Personal Branding Photography Retreat

6 - 8 Oct 2015     /     Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

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All Photography on this page created by Jeremy DeWeese.
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Learn Self-Trust

This retreat is an opportunity to drop-in and get connected to your intuition and deepest desires.

Feel the Transformation

This is an opportunity to "let go" of whatever no longer serves you, and step into your light.

Sister Support

There is nothing better than being held in a sacred space amongst those who get you.

Mastermind with Luminaries

Attendees will all be creating magic in the world. Everyone will benefit from one another's company in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Experience Luxury

You will feel loved, and be very well taken care of. Let go of the need to do it all and be everything to everyone for a few days.

Breathe Deeply

Nestled along the coast, Carmel-by-the-Sea is surrounded by magical, healthy earth. Big Sur National Park is 10 minutes south, and the beach will be minutes away. This will be incredibly healing for all you hard working change-makers.

Experience Being Fully Supported

Know that you are not alone, ever. Stepping into your light is best done amongst your biggest fans.

Feed Your Soul

This retreat is about more than being photographed, it's about slowing down, getting present, and learning more about yourself, and falling in love again...with you.

Agenda At A Glance

Travel Day and Welcome

6:00 — 9:00          Welcome Bonfire at Carmel Beach & Sunset

Day 1:Prep Day and Easing into Yourself

08:00 — 09:00      Morning Yoga on the Beach

09:00 — 10:45        Light breakfast + Intuition and Connecting Exercises

10:45 — 12:00         Discover your unique gifts, superpowers and soul’s purpose. Led by Soul Purpose Coach Angelina DeWeese who currently leads the Step into your Spotlight program for Holistic MBA. Create a new space to step into so you can share your most authentic self with the world. The intention is, when you get in front of the camera, you have a new sense of yourself, higher confidence that shows up in your stance, your smile and expressions.

2-Hour Intermission And Buffet Lunch Break

2:00 — 3:00         Share your Wear Fashion show; opportunity to get feedback from your new besties

3:00 — 4:00         Jewelry share; bring more than you need and share for best accessorizing

4:00 — 5:00         Late afternoon wine pour

5:00 — 7:00         A Connected Dinner of wood-fired pizza on the patio at Corkscrew in Carmel Valley (incredibly charming place–feels like you are in Burgandy, France)


Corkscrew Cafe

Day 2: Photo Branding Reveal Yourself Day

07:00 — 8:00      Light breakfast

08:00 — 9:00      Hair and Makeup Begins for Morning Session; Step into your Glam

09:00 — 1:00       Morning Session Photoshoot

Intermission And Lunch Break for Others

1:00 — 5:00         Afternoon Session Photoshoot

5:00 — until         Dinner on your own in Carmel-By-The-Sea (there are 145 boutique restaurants within walking distance of the cottage)

Day 3: Option Stay Day for yourself

09:00 — 12:00      Morning Session Photoshoot

12:00 — 5:00         Wine tour in Carmel Wine Country led by John and Jeremy the wine experts.


What's Included

  • A personal branding photo session with Jeremy that will bring out your personality and represent your brand. ($3,000)
  • An amazing makeover with an incredible hair and makeup stylist. You will feel elevated to the next level of your beauty. ($400)
  • You will get a group call with the incredible personal stylist Sybil Henry. ($300)
  • You will get support from your retreat circle about clothing choices and what matches your personal brand style. ($Priceless)
  • You will receive full support on how to "show up" as yourself in front of the camera so you will feel natural and free. ($Priceless)
  • You will receive a thumb drive with 50+ color-corrected images for website and social. Plus, you will get 6 beautifully crafted WOW shots for your high end branding. ($700)
  • You will experience a connected, soul nourishing retreat where you will feel lifted and free from your busy work life, or any limiting belief you may bring with you. When you step into your light fully, your new brand image will appear. ($Priceless)
  • So that you are able to deepen into community, your lodging is included, in a charming cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea. It will be an adult slumber party, with up to ten of your new besties! Local wine is included to make it more festive! ($700)
  • You will be pampered with yoga on the beach and a light breakfast of local pastries and local organic fruits so that when the photo day comes, you are relaxed, nourished, and glowing. ($120)
  • You will receive coaching and led through a transformational exercise with the Soul Purpose Coach Angelina DeWeese. ($400)
  • Last but not least, Carmel is home to some of the best wood-fired pizza on the west coast. You will be treated to a wonderful meal on the charming patio at Corkscrew Cafe in the valley. ($40)
  • Total Value: $5,667

Sybil will be joining us for a photo shoot 2 hour prep call to share her best secrets and strategies to help you get camera ready.

  • Identify your signature style to reflect who you are and what you do for authenticity
  • Create a color palette that conveys a warm and approachable appearance to attract your ideal clients
  • Choose the best silhouettes that flatter your body and dress for your shape to increase body confidence
  • Discover the best way to accessorize your outfits to create a polished, professional look
  • Learn the difference between getting dressed for the camera versus getting dressed everyday
  • Shopping strategies to find the best photo shoot style to get prepared faster and easier

This incalculable training will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera and love how you look in your photos!

Meet The Team

Jeremy DeWeese, Personality Photographer

Jeremy DeWeese is a Visual Virtuoso, an expert in all things pertaining to Photography, Videography, Art and writing copy for sales pages and websites. His specialty is personal branding photography. He is known in his community as the "Personality Photographer". Why? Because when you are in front of his lens, you soften and become comfortable enough to let yourself be truly seen. Jeremy loves people -- they can feel it -- and it shows in the final images.

John Wayne,Consigliere

When John Wayne Zimmerman is not busy being an Internet Marketing Genius, he is busy creating fun, people lovin', and an all out jokester. He gets his thrills from seeing people smile and becoming lit up with joy. He is always looking for ways to compliment what makes you unique. He is truly the consigliere of this shoot because he will ensure all are well taken care of.

Angelina DeWeese, Business Coach

Angelina DeWeese is an accomplished coach with a mission...that everyone knows and is excited about their purpose. Having graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2006, she gravitated toward the notion that everyone is bio-individualistic. She began to notice that each person she worked with was absolutely unique. She has been on a quest ever since to discover why that is and share with people how to unlock the secret so they might be empowered by their unique gifts.


Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

There are only 10 spots available for this retreat so Claim Your Spot.

Claim Your Spot

Working with Jeremy is like connecting with your best friend… he’s someone that supports your true inner self and mission, someone that deeply listens, but also suggests how you might fully shine in the moment, someone that sees your inner light glowing and captures and celebrates that through his graceful work. Jeremy is a heart-centered, joyful person, who exudes an authentic desire to contribute to the beauty of our world by magnifying the gifts we hold as individuals... one magical picture at a time.

Jill Duncan, Thai Bodyworker and Bhakti Yoga Teacher

Jeremy really captured my true soul essence in my branding photos. He has a welcoming energy that helped me feel completely open and comfortable to be myself, and shine my Goddess self through the beautiful images he captured.

Gina Knepell

Jeremy is one of those rare individuals who is blessed with an amazing creative talent but is also beautifully articulate about his process and thinking, customer focused and 100% there for the results you want to achieve.

Robert Fieldhouse, Creative Director

Jeremy is so incredibly talented and sees things with his camera that we mere mortals cannot see with our own eyes! He doesn't just capture the image of the individual, he captures the character that thet are, the light in the eye, the shine of their soul!

Judy Lane, Executive Coach

Jeremy made my photo session comfortable, effortless and enjoyable! He was very professional and worked with me to get the best possible shots.

Susan Stranquist, Wells Fargo Program Manager

It was such a pleasure to work with Jeremy, he is such an artist!

Angie Ruan, eBay Director of Engineering

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We are a heart-based internet marketing company that believes brand style and message is the key to you getting more leads.

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We only have 10 spots available at this retreat and several spots are pre-sold. If you would like to be a part of this magical event, please sign up soon.

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